Quality through design

We can review and give advice on any form of built design, whether at a projects conception stage or once detailed architectural plans have been drawn up. We can also review the quality of existing urban development and provide recommendations for change.

Chilcroft have formidable experience in building within historic areas at are at pains to take forward only the most appropriate architectural schemes. We will always strongly argue against dense urban development, particularly in historic areas, where such proposals are harmful and disproportionate to the existing setting.

We are strong advocates of the use of local vernacular architecture, and, wherever possible, will aim to encourage the use of it in new design. Chilcroft have a detailed understanding of incorporating cost effective design, consistent with enhancing built aesthetics, and consider the effects of high quality landscaping to be just as important in achieving this.

Where compromises are necessary, we can be instrumental in leading negotiations with local authorities and directing revised briefs with project architects.


Haig Dalton

Haig Dalton

Historic Buildings Consultant
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