Appraisals, Plans and Statements

Conservation Area Appraisals

The designation of a conservation area is not an end in itself. Local authorities need to develop policies which clearly identify what features of the area should be preserved or enhanced, and set out how this can be done.

Clear assessment and definition of an area's interest and the action needed to protect it, help to generate awareness and encourage local property owners to take the right sort of action for themselves.

Character Appraisals will also identify areas where enhancement through development may be desirable.

Conservation Management Plans

A conservation management plan is a comprehensive document based on a detailed understanding of an historic asset and its significance.

It sets out a conservation framework. This includes policies to ensure an asset’s significance is retained in any future use, repair, alteration, development or management. Conservation management plans are usually most appropriate for historic assets of major national importance, large or complex sites and those where a scheme is likely to involve significant or potentially controversial change.

Conservation Statements

A conservation statement is an outline version of a conservation management plan. It provides an understanding of a historic asset’s significance, identifies key conservation issues and puts forward a framework for its management.

A conservation statement may incorporate information from a rapid appraisal, but is not as detailed as a conservation management plan. Conservation statements are appropriate for smaller and less complex sites and in particular, those that would benefit from conservation guidance to inform their future management.


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